June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone

  • You should say:
  • Who you gave the advice to
  • What the advice was
  • Why you gave the advice
  • And explain how he/she followed your advice
  • Well I am a kind of person who doesn’t like to advice people a lot because I believe that in today’s world everyone wants to do things in their own way and people hardly pay heed to advise given to them
  • In fact, I only give advice to people if they ask me for it, otherwise I refrain from giving it for
  • However, today I would like to talk about a time when I advised one of my friends about
    what career option is best for him.
  • I remember, it was almost 2 years back, my friend Alok had just completed his secondary
    education and he was really confused about what subjects he should choose so that he can
    have a bright future ahead.
  • Part of his dilemma was deciding between commerce and arts subjects because he was
    really good at arts and literature but then he also wanted to run his own business in the
  • He was having a very hard time in deciding what was best for him, so he approached me for
    my recommendation as he knew that I had done a lot of research on the same.
  • But before giving any advice I asked him to create a list of pros and cons for both the options
    and think hard about what he was more passionate about.
  • He said the he liked arts a lot but at the same time he wanted to earn a lot of money so that
    he could travel the world.
  • I then explained to him that all the famous people in the world have one thing in common
    that they truly followed their passion.
  • I also told him that if he could become the best in his field then the money would follow
    automatically and he would be able to fulfil his travel dreams.
  • Finally, after careful deliberation he followed my advice and now he has recently completed
    his higher secondary education and he always thanks me for helping him to make the right

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