June 12, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a drawing/painting that you like

  • When you first saw this painting
  • What the painting is about
  • Who drew/painted it
  • And explain why you like this drawing/painting
  • Paintings enhance the décor of a house.
  • My mother has decorated our house very nicely.
  • There is one painting in almost every room.
  • Here I would like to talk about a painting of galloping horses, which is adorning the wall of
    our drawing room.
  • She bought it from an Art exhibition in Ludhiana.
  • The artists name is Tavmeet Kaur.
  • She is from Ludhiana, and is a budding artist.
  • The Welcome Palace in Ludhiana hosts such exhibitions of budding artists.
  • These artists get fame and recognition
  • People can buy such good paintings at affordable prices
  • I like this painting because it fills me with positive energy.
  • My mother believes that galloping horses represent strength, success, peace and progress.
  • This painting has 7 white horses, with rising sun in the background.
  • So, the background is a mix of blue and orange/
  • The sofas in our drawing room are white, and the curtains blue, this painting looks stunning
    with white horses and a blue and orange sky.
  • The grace and power of the galloping horses comes out very vividly even though they are
    coloured white.
  • And this colour of the horses stands out even more in the foreground of the vibrant colours
    of the azure and saffron sky.
  • Whenever we have guests at our home, I’ve always heard words of praise for this painting.

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