June 22, 2024
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IELTS Writing: Digital Filmmaking

Nowadays because of digital technology it is possible for not only studios but also individuals to produce their own films.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?


1. The democratisation of film has led to greater opportunity as well as fears as to the future of filmmaking. 2. In my opinion, this is a largely positive development as it opens up the medium for a more diverse range of socieconomic voices.

  1. Your first sentence just paraphrases the topic. You can write it simply or try to show off a bit if you are confident.
  2. Give your opinion – never sit in the middle!

1. The main reason that film purists resist the digital revolution is it brings down the quality of films. 2. A good example of this is when digital film first burst onto the scene and started to replace film around the turn of the century. 3. The initial complaints from viewers were that film looks better and digitally shot movies have a cheap aesthetic akin to a soap opera. 4. As digital film has proliferated beyond studios looking to cut costs, it has exponentially increased the number of films made by amateurs. 5. This naturally leads to movies with bad acting, clumsily written dialogue and poor overall production values.

  1. The first sentence should be a topic sentence with your main idea – for me it is the quality of films.
  2. Start your example immediately – don’t waste any time!
  3. Be as specific and detailed as you can. The more specific, the better.
  4. Continue developing the same main idea, don’t switch to a new main idea.
  5. Summarise with the result.

1. Despite the admitted cons listed above, digital film has given a voice to less wealthy filmmakers who tend to be of a different class and ethnicity. 2. There are countless examples of students who film digitally, post their video on YouTube and become internet sensations. 3. Many of these new perspectives are outside of the predominantly white, male, heterosexual homogenity of Hollywood. 4. It is increasingly possible for LGBT themes to surface in these shorts and for ethnic minorities around the world to break through. 5. The most striking evidence is simply comparing the major movies made 50 years ago with the diverse range of cinema on offer today.

  1. Just like the paragraph before – clear topic sentence!
  2. Again, start your example quickly and then develop it for the rest of the paragraph.
  3. Being specific will help you to use really strong vocabulary like I did in this sentence.
  4. The more detail and specificity, the higher your score.
  5. The last sentence can add some further development. Don’t add in a new main idea here!

1. In conclusion, although there are drawbacks in terms of quality those are mitigated by novel themes from underrepresented demographics. 2. Studios should pay heed and relax their control over an ever-promising industry.

  1. For your first sentence, summarise your opinion and main reason for it.
  2. Add in an extra detail/final thought at the end.

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