April 24, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Speaking & Writing

Seven Question Types:

The module throws seven different question types at you to assess your all-around English proficiency in an academic setting. Here’s the line up:

Personal Introduction: Break the ice by introducing yourself in spoken English. For more Details Click here

  1. Read Aloud: You’ll be given a short text to read aloud clearly and accurately. For more Details Click here
  2. Repeat Sentence: Listen to a sentence and then repeat it exactly. For more Details Click here
  3. Describe Image: An image will flash on the screen. Describe it in detail using spoken English. For more Details Click here
  4. Re-tell Lecture: Listen to a short lecture and then summarize the key points in your own words, both speaking and writing. For more Details Click here
  5. Answer Short Question: Listen to a question and answer it in a word or phrase. For more details Click here
  6. Summarize Written Text: You’ll be given a written passage to read. Then, you’ll need to write a summary that captures the main ideas. For more Details Click here
  7. Essay: This is your chance to shine with your writing skills. Write an essay on a given topic. For more Details Click here

Time Management is Key:

Each question type comes with a short prep time (around 25 seconds) to read and understand the prompt. Then, you’ll get a set time to speak or write your response (usually 30 seconds for speaking and longer for writing tasks).

Remember, practice makes perfect! There are plenty of resources available online and through PTE courses to help you get familiar with each question type and practice your speaking and writing fluency.