June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

IELTS Essay: Standard of Living

Nowadays, most countries can improve the standard of living through economic development, but some social values are lost as a result.

Do you think the advantages of this phenomenon outweigh the disadvantages?


1. The pursuit of economic progress often comes at the expense of certain social values. 2. In my opinion, though economic development undeniably engenders numerous benefits, it is key to prioritize tradition.

  1. Paraphrase the overall essay topic.
  2. Write a clear opinion.

1. There are several undeniable advantages to flourishing economic conditions. 2. Firstly, it creates job opportunities and improves the employment rate, leading to reduced poverty levels and enhanced living standards. 3. For example, in countries like China and India, rapid economic growth has lifted millions out of poverty through industries such as manufacturing and tourism services. 4. Economic growth results in increased tax revenue, which can be allocated towards public services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure development. 5. In developing nations, these improvements create a sustainable cycle that can lead to improved overall societal well-being.

  1. Write a topic sentence with a clear main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your main idea.
  3. Develop it with specific or hypothetical examples.
  4. Keep developing it fully.
  5. Use specific examples.

1. However, economic prioritization can sometimes harm social values. 2. In the race for rapid growth, societies may witness a decline in traditions, cultural heritage, and community cohesion. 3. For instance, the rise of consumerism and material wealth in marginalized communities such as on Native American reservations in the United States often leads to the erosion of cultural practices and traditions as people value material possessions over cultural preservation. 4. Additionally, the focus on personal success and material gain may overshadow the importance of human relationships, leading to a decline in social interaction and a rise in individualistic attitudes. 5. This ultimately widens economic inequalities as certain groups benefit disproportionately from development, exacerbating social divisions and creating social unrest.

  1. Write a new topic sentence with a new main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your new main idea.
  3. Include specific details and examples.
  4. Add as much information as you can and make sure it links logically.
  5. Finish the paragraph strong.

1. In conclusion, although economic development is undoubtedly advantageous, it is crucial to recognize that social values are more important. 2. Governments and societies must take proactive measures to balance economic growth and the preservation of cultural heritage, community values, and social well-being.

  1. Summarise your main ideas.
  2. Include a final thought.