July 21, 2024
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IELTS Essay: Money for Computers or Teachers

Some believe that money for education should mainly be spent on better computers while others believe it would be better spent on teachers.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


1. Many feel that funding allocated for education should be primarily spent on computers rather than paying the teaching staff higher salaries. 2. In my opinion, though technology is important today, teachers are still considerably more valuable and deserving of prioritization.

  1. Paraphrase the overall essay topic.
  2. Write a clear opinion.

1. Proponents argue increased funding for computer technology reflects shifts in modern society. 2. Expertise with computers is becoming essential not only for one’s daily life but also most careers. 3. At the moment, schools focus on a wide range of subjects that may not have any direct applicability later in a student’s life such as history, biology, physics, literature, art, and so on. 4. It is logical that focusing more on a useful area such as new computers will maximize funding for schools. 5. However, this thinking neglects the key finding in numerous studies that a wide base of knowledge is more important than early specialization.

  1. Write a topic sentence with a clear main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your main idea.
  3. Develop it with specific or hypothetical examples.
  4. Keep developing it fully.
  5. You can sometimes include the counterpoint here too.

1. Moreover, teachers can potentially be a crucial influence on their pupils. 2. Most adults are grateful to at least one teacher who serves as a lifelong role model. 3. This is because students can connect with a teacher emotionally and intellectually. 4. For example, a teacher may introduce and elucidate a number of great thinkers and writers that later shape a student’s political or moral philosophy. 5. By providing greater funding for teachers, this simply ensures that more qualified teachers will apply for jobs. 6. Additionally, teachers who are passionate about their work, and are underpaid at the moment, are likely to feel more motivated and appreciated with higher salaries.

  1. Write a new topic sentence with a new main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your new main idea.
  3. Include specific details and examples.
  4. Add as much information as you can and make sure it links logically.
  5. Continue your development.
  6. Finish the paragraph strong.

1. In conclusion, those who argue in favor of computers are short-sighted as teachers have greater overall impact. 2. Naturally, it is more difficult to measure and study the value of quality teachers and provide definitive evidence for this viewpoint.

  1. Summarise your main ideas.
  2. Include a final thought.