June 16, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe an occasion when you lost your way.

  • You should say
  • Where you were
  • What happened
  • How you felt
  • And explain how you found your way

I am very good with directions and I don’t normally lose my way.
However, I have lost my way sometimes when I visit a new place.
Recently, my friend got engaged and I went to their house to congratulate them.
They moved to the suburbs recently as my friend’s father retired.
I had never been to their new house before.
But I thought I will just feed their new house address in the navigation app and just follow it.
That’s the first mistake I made.
I had used the app quite a few times and I had rarely faced an issue.
However, it was a newly built suburb and the app hadn’t been updated.
The app took me on deserted mud road.
I had a feeling that I might be going in the wrong direction but I blindly trusted the app.
That was my second mistake.
I kept on going on that road and eventually reached a dead end.
Even at that time, I wasn’t worried because I thought I would just call my friend and he
would guide me.
I shouldn’t be too far from his house.
However, when I checked there was no mobile phone connectivity on that road.
I couldn’t even call anyone.
I decided to backtrack till I got connectivity but I think I took a wrong turn somewhere and I
got even more lost.
Thats when I felt afraid for the first time.
It was also turning dark.
Finally, I saw a small roadside tea shop.
I asked the shop owner if they knew the address.
He didn’t know the address but he knew my friend’s father.
He took me to their address and that’s how I finally got out of this predicament.
I still use the navigation maps these days but I am not overly reliant on them like before.