June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information.

  • When you got it
  • How you got it
  • How you found it was incorrect
  • And how you felt about it
  • Sometimes, we are provided with incorrect information, and although such instances are
    rare, they can cause a lot of trouble.
  • I experienced a similar situation when my cousin was looking to take admission in a college
    for Hotel Management.
  • Last year, after her class 12 results, we researched various colleges offering the course and
    settled on an institute in Dehradun.
  • However, the website provided a lot of misleading information about the college.
    Unfortunately, when we visited the college, none of the claims turned out to be
  • The college was portrayed as a grand institution on the website, but in reality, it was nothing
    more than a small two-room establishment tucked away in the hotel’s backyard. We were
    shocked to see the stark difference between the website’s portrayal and the actual college.
  • To manage the situation, we immediately decided to cancel our admission plans and started
    looking for alternative options.
  • Eventually, my cousin changed her mind and decided to pursue a course in Mass
  • We found a university near our city where she got admitted, and she is now thriving in her
    studies there.
  • It was a lesson for us to be cautious and verify information from reliable sources before
    making important decisions.
  • The experience taught us the importance of thorough research and not solely relying on
    online information when it comes to educational institutions.