June 12, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a time when you were late

  • When it was
  • why you were late
  • how you felt about being late

● I am a very punctual person and try to reach everywhere on time.
● I got this habit from my father, who is very disciplined and strict about being on time.
● He always told me that if you are punctual, it tells people that you are dependable.
● If I have an appointment, I take extra caution and try to reach at least 10 minutes before my
appointment time.
● But sometimes, even giving myself this extra time has not helped, and I have been late.
● I remember being late to my best friend’s wedding.
● My best friend ‘Ajay’ got married last year.
● He is the first one to get married among my friends, and we were all very excited.
● Indian wedding ceremonies are very lavish, and usually there are 2-3 functions before the
● A day before the wedding, there had been a sangeet ceremony where we danced and
partied till late night.
● I was tired in the morning but woke up and got ready on time to be with my friend on his
special day.
● The wedding ceremony was in the Gurudwara on the outskirts of our city, about 15kms from
my home.
● I had been there before with Ajay, and he had given me directions that time.
● I am bad with remembering directions and road names. I always rely on my cell phone’s
map app.
● On the wedding day I put the address in my phone and started from my home well on time.
● After 40 minutes, my mobile gps said that I had arrived at your destination but when I
looked around there was no Gurudwara and just some old buildings there.
● I realized that since the Gurudwara was new and away from the city, the map app had not
recognized the address and taken me to a different address.
● I got out and asked around. Fortunately, someone knew the exact location and told me the
● I had taken the wrong route and driven the opposite way.
● I was so annoyed with myself for not paying attention.
● I called another friend who was at the wedding and asked him to share his location in case I
got lost again.
● By the time I reached, the ceremony had already started, and about was half done.
● I felt terrible about being late to my friend’s wedding. Till this day he teases me that I, who is
always punctual, was late to his wedding.