June 16, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a photo that you took and are proud of

  • When did you take this photo?
  • Where you took it?
  • What is the photo about?
  • Why you feel proud of the photo?

● I am not very interested in photography.
● In fact, the photos I take normally don’t come out that well.
● However, recently, I visited Sikkim with my family and there I took a photograph of my
mother and father sitting on a bench with the beautiful, picturesque mountains in the
● The picture came out really well.
● It was a not pre-planned photo, and I didn’t use any special camera.
● It was just my phone camera.
● We had gone to a monastery in Sikkim, which is around 2 hours drive from Gangtok.
● The view of the monastery with mountains in the background was just breathtaking.
● I felt I had to capture it.
● But I feel, a picture without any people is boring and my parents hadn’t had a picture taken
with just them in recent times.
● I mean there are pictures of them, but it is with us or other family members.
● The only pictures of my parents alone are their wedding photos, and they are very old.
● So, I wanted to click a photograph that would capture their beautiful relationship.
● I didn’t know, how a photograph could do that, but the picture shows it.
● It’s very hard to describe it in words but whoever sees the photograph talks about the
beautiful relationship between my father and mother afterwards.
● So, the picture depicts it somehow.
● I am so proud that I clicked the picture.
● Recently, my parents got it photo framed and we have hung the photo on a wall in our living