June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a person who inspired you to dosomething interesting.

  • You should say:
  • Who is this person
  • What they inspired you to do
  • How they inspired you
  • How you feel

● A person who inspired me to do something interesting is my cousin’s wife, Priya.
● My cousin got married a few years ago, and he and Priya moved to Ludhiana, about 40
minutes from my hometown.
● Priya is a computer engineer by profession and works at a software company.
● Once while I was visiting them, she mentioned that she had started to learn Indian classical
● I knew she was a good dancer as I had seen her dance at her wedding and other family
functions before.
● But Indian classical dance is complex and takes a lot of training.
● She said she was driving home one day from work and saw the advertisement for a new
classical dance academy close to her office.
● She knew it was her chance to learn something new.
● It was also convenient as it was on her route, so she won’t waste time commuting.
● She said she had been going to Bharatnatyam classes for almost six months.
● She was one of the top students in her batch, and the academy even hired her to start
teaching children on weekends
● She was so passionate about it and talked about opening her own dancing studio one day.
● I was truly inspired to see that she managed to keep up with it, along with a full-time job.
● I shared with her my interest in music and how I have always wanted to learn to play guitar.
● Growing up, I was busy with studies and never got the time.
● And now that I am older, I feel it was too late to learn.
● She told me age is just a number and learning anything new needs consistent practice. If she
can learn a new skill at her age, so can I.
● I was so inspired after meeting her. I got myself a guitar and bought a couple of guitar books.
● I looked up YouTube videos to learn the basics.
● There were so many resources online for learning guitar and even teachers who taught
through zoom.
● After a few months of learning the basics, I found a guitar teacher near my home who could
teach me in person.
● He helped me work with more complex music, and I was able to refine my skills.
● I was amazed by my progress and eventually started playing for family and friends.
● Now, it’s a hobby that I really enjoy. It not only relaxes me but is a good escape from the
stress of everyday life
● I will be thankful to Priya for inspiring me to pursue my passion.