June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a party that you enjoyed

  • You should say:
  • When and where the party was held
  • Who attended the party
  • What kind of party it was
  • What you did in the party
  • And explain why you enjoyed this party

● I have attended many parties in my life.
● But here I would like to talk about a birthday party, which I enjoyed a lot
● It was the birthday of my younger brother.
● It was his eighteenth birthday
● I threw a surprise party for him.
● My parents were also with me in this plan.
● We invited a few of his close friends and some relatives.
● After my brother left for college that morning, I decorated our home with buntings and
● My mother baked and iced the cake.
● Actually she has a gifted hand at cooking and baking.
● I ordered some fritters, spring rolls, sandwiches and pastries for the guests.
● I even organised some games such as musical chairs, treasure hunt and passing the parcel.
● When my brother came home that day, we all were waiting for him.
● We welcomed him by playing the birthday tune.
● Everyone clapped and wished him happy birthday.
● He was really surprised and very happy. I could tell it from his face.
● The he cut the cake and we all enjoyed the cake and snacks
● Then we played the games.
● Everyone enjoyed a lot.
● I gifted a cell phone to my brother.
● He always wanted it but my parents wouldn’t let him buy one.
● I always felt his desperation for the phone, so I had planned to gift him one on his birthday.
● He received many other gifts also but my gift was the most special for him.
● We all danced a lot that day.
● I felt great happiness that day.
● I realised that true happiness lies in giving happiness to others.
● My brother is very dear to me
● May God give him a long and happy life!