July 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a park or a garden in your city

  • When you often go there
  • Where it is
  • Who you often go there with
  • What it is like
  • And explain why you like to visit it

In today’s time parks and gardens are the lungs of cities and towns that have become jungles of concrete.

It is a delight to find a green space in the urban areas of today.

I live in Chandigarh that has a very well-developed infrastructure and many parks and gardens.
• In fact it is called ‘The City Beautiful’, because of its layout and the greenery in it.
• It was designed in the 1950s by a French architect who understood the value of green spaces in modern living.

He provided the city with many parks where the residents can go and relax

The part of the city that I live in has three beautiful parks and I love all three of them. But my favourite is a garden by the name of a ‘Hibiscus Garden.’

It has been landscaped very beautifully with slopes going up and down. A little stream running through the park. A few bridges and different varieties of the hibiscus plants.

Besides hibiscus plants, there are many beautiful huge trees that I love to go and sit under and admire nature from.

I have often seen people coming to this park on a holiday to have picnics with their children.

Young children, love to roll on the gently sloping hillocks, and there are youngsters who love to cycle on the sloping pathways of the park.

Whenever I get the time I visit this beautiful place and I usually go alone as I love to soak in its beauty and the peace I get by being there.

I am a very passionate photographer and this park has often provided me with some beautiful clicks.

For me, this park is my little piece of heaven on earth and being there is meditative for my soul.