June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a movie you watched recently that you felt disappointed about

  • When it was
  • Why you didn’t like it
  • Why you decided to watch it
  • And explain why you felt disappointed about it
  • Nowadays, there is so much content to watch online because of streaming websites like
    Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple and so on.
  • As there is so much choice, I am very selective about what I watch.
  • In fact, I only watch something after reading the reviews.
  • Recently I watched a English movie, Avatar 2.
  • It comes in the science-fiction genre.
  • Its the sequel to the movie Avatar, which was released around 10 years back
  • I watched Avatar with my parents at a multiplex in Jalandhar.
  • I remember we all loved it so much.
  • So, I had high expectations from the movie.
  • This time my parents were busy, so I went and watched it with a friend.
  • He was also really excited about the movie.
  • We watched the movie on the day of its release.
  • However, the movie was a big disappointment.
  • The main reason was that there was nothing different from the first part.
  • Its storyline was also not as good.
  • In the first movie, there was a constant thrill and excitement.
  • My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the movie.
  • However, this movie was a very slow.
  • Nothing happened in the first half and the although there was action in the second half, it
    barely lasted 15 minutes.
  • I think the main reason for my disappointment was my high expectations.
  • I watched the first movie four five times, because I loved it so much.
  • So naturally I was very hyped for the second movie.
  • If I didn’t compare it with the first movie, it was not a bad movie.