May 27, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera

  • What is the development
  • When you heard about it
  • How did it influence you?
  • I think developments in infrastructure are very essential for the progress of a nation.
  • Developments could be in sectors like healthcare, education, housing etcetera
  • Today, I would like to talk about a recent development in our country which is related to the
    transportation sector.
  • Last month our honourable Prime Minister Shri NarendraModiji inaugurated the first
    automatic/unmanned/driverless metro train in the national capital Delhi.
  • The launch of this train was covered by all the new channels and leading newspapers.
  • That is how I came to know about it.
  • This metro train connects several stations between New Delhi and Noida a city adjoining the
    national capital
  • The launch of this train has benefitted millions of people who otherwise travel by bus or other
    transport means like their own cars and motorbikes
  • It has reduced their travel time significantly and It has also become more convenient for them
    to travel from one place to another.
  • The coaches of the train are imported from Germany and are made of very high quality steel.
  • I believe the government should introduce more such trains in the major cities of our country
    because it provides a lot of benefits to the people and the environment.
  • Moreover, it decreases the number of traffic jams in the city and the pollution caused when
    people use heir own private vehicles
  • This train has no driver; it is remotely controlled by a computer thus avoiding any human
    errors that can cause accidents.
  • When I first told my friends about this train, all of them were surprised/amazed/astonished to
    hear that a train can run without a driver as well.
  • This train has 8 coaches and capacity to carry 1000 people at one time
  • The coaches are very modern and have free wifi and phone charging facility as well.
  • The train also has seats reserved specially for the elderly and women
  • But when I showed them the news they were very excited about it.
  • We have also made a plan to travel by this train, next month.