June 16, 2024
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PTE Fill in the blanks R/W 7.Plains Indians

“The Plains Indians were people who did not like to live in one place. They liked to travel around and moved camps ________ three times a year. For this reason they lived in tepees. These were ________ big tents and were easy to put up and take down. These tepees were transported by horses.” “Inside the tepee you would find all the items that people needed to live with. The Plains Indians would decorate the insides with pictures, and store their weapons and food. The Indians would also have a fire ____________ of the tepee to cook the food. The Sioux people ________ put buffalo skins on the floor to use as carpets. You would also find their beds.” “In the Indian camp everyone had a job to do. The men had to hunt for food, and keep the families safe. The women had to cook all the meals, make the clothes, look ________the children and whenever the camp moved they had to take down and put up the tepees.”
1) at least, fewer than, at most, less than
2) both, alike, like, otherwise
3) On the top, In spite, in the middle, in terms
4) have used to, were used, used to, using to
5) at, up, after, around

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