June 16, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Talk about an interesting old person you metrecently

  • Who is this person?
  • How you met him? How you know him
  • What you do with this person (optional)
  • Why you found him interesting?

● I know many old persons, but here I would like to talk about my friend Sonia’s grandfather.
● I met him about 6 months ago and I found him very interesting.
● His name is Mr Jaswant Singh.
● He is in his mid seventies.
● He is not tall, but looks very handsome.
● Even at this age he is very lithe and agile.
● Sonia tells me that he is very health conscious, and never misses his morning and evening
● He retired as a colonel from the Indian army.
● Once i visited Sonia’s place to work on a project and there I met him for the first time.
● He was sitting in the lobby doing something on his laptop.
● I found it very interesting that a person of his age was so comfortable with a laptop.
● He was placing an order at Amazon.in for some headphones.
● My parents find it difficult to handle a smartphone and he was using a laptop like a pro.
● He greeted me very warmly and so I started chatting with him.
● I was amazed at his vast knowledge.
● He told me stories of his life in the army.
● He told me stories of his life in the army.
● He told me how he participated actively in the Kargil war.
● So now whenever I go to Sonia’s house, I make it a point to sit with him for some time and
learn something new.