June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

PTE Fill in the blanks R/W 5.Crime Prevention

Crime prevention has a long history in Australia, and in other parts of the world. In all societies, people have tried to __________themselves and those close to them from assaults and other abuses. Every time someone locks the door to their house or their car, they practice _________ prevention. Most parents want their children to learn to be law abiding and not spend extended periods of their lives in prison. In this country, at least, most __________ . Only a small minority of young people become recidivist offenders. In a functioning society, crime prevention is part of everyday life. While prevention can be all-pervasive at the grassroots, _________is oddly neglected in mass media and political discourses. When politicians, talkback radio hosts and newspaper editorialists pontificate about crime and _________ remedies, it is comparatively rare for them to mention prevention. Overwhelmingly, emphasis is on policing, sentencing and other ‘law and order’ responses.
1) promote, respect, protect, enhance
2) part of, a form of, relation to, addition to
3) success, has succeeded, succeed, succeeded
4) which, it, what, as
5) default, possible, articulate, absolute