June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

IELTS Writing Essay: Robots at Home

Nowadays more tasks at home and work are being performed by robots.

Is this a negative or positive development?


1. It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners and businesses to use robots to deal with daily tasks. 2. I believe this trend is wholly positive because it saves individuals time and allows businesses to better allocate resources.

  1. For your first sentence, paraphrase the overall topic of the essay.
  2. Write your opinion, make it clear! I chose in this one to go with one side so that I can talk about robots and home and business in separate paragraphs and develop both ideas fully.

1. Those who use various advances in robotics in the home have more free time. 2. Fully humanoid robots are rare but more and more families now use robotic vacuums such as the Roomba, mobile webcams for security surveillance, lawn care machines and devices that bridge the gap between robotics and artificial intelligence like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to make life easier. 3. These devices save a lot of time for their users that can be better invested in hobbies, exercise, family, entertainment, and spending time with your significant other.

  1. Write a simple topic sentence with your first main idea.
  2. Develop it as specifically as possible – notice my vocabulary and the specific products named.
  3. Continue to develop your main idea. Aim for 4-5 sentences. My paragraph is shorter because the sentences are long and the idea is fairly simple.

1. In the past, a sizeable percentage of operating budgets went to labour but as this number begins to dwindle we will see a concomitant rise in investiture in areas like research and development. 2. Large companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple and automobile manufacturers can now invest in developing artificial intelligence, improving existing products, making safer cars, and so on. 3. Over time, these benefits will add up to hasten both the pace of technological development and the speed with which new advances reach consumers. 4. Robots will replace jobs reliant on manual labour and divert those wasted dollars to more important, creative areas that elevate human endeavours.

  1. Start with another topic sentence with your main idea at the end.
  2. Again, be specific – name real companies and products.
  3. State the result to continue developing your example.
  4. Conclude by answering the overall question of the essay directly.

1. The large scale adoption of robotics bodes well for the future as it will streamline both home and work. 2. There are looming risks related to massive unemployment but these can be mitigated with governmental regulation and by encouraging ethical corporate practices.

  1. Repeat your opinion.
  2. Write an extra detail/final thought at the end to get full points from the IELTS examiner for task achievement.