May 27, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

IELTS Essay: Economic Progress

Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


1. Many today have made the argument that governments are overly focused on economic development to the detriment of more valuable areas of progress. 2. In my opinion, though economic progress is often the catalyst for different forms of growth, the other areas are at least equally as important.

  1. Paraphrase the overall essay topic.
  2. Write a clear opinion.

1. Supporters of economic progress point out its importance for individuals and societies generally. 2. A thriving economy allows the average citizen to increase their quality of life in various ways. 3. Individuals who are provided good jobs and lucrative opportunities are able to afford better healthcare, own a home potentially, purchase luxuries, and take holidays. 4. In the aggregate, all these minor additions combine to ground a satisfied and happy life, though they are naturally not absolute guarantees. 5. The clearest evidence of the value of this approach is that voters in democratic nations like the United States typically base their decisions primarily on economic factors.

  1. Write a topic sentence with a clear main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your main idea.
  3. Develop it with specific or hypothetical examples.
  4. Keep developing it fully.
  5. You can sometimes include the counterpoint here too.

1. However, economics is the basis for other areas of progress. 2. This relates to education, standards of living, infrastructure, and, most importantly in the 21st century, the environment. 3. In past centuries, individuals could be forgiven for considering economics to be the most important duty of governments. 4. Today, the possibility that the Earth will face cataclysmic changes in the next century has dramatically shifted that calculus. 5. Most researchers agree that overpopulation and the manufacturing and consumption of consumer goods are greatly exacerbating climate change and may lead to seismic disruptions for all life on Earth. 6. Therefore, simply prioritizing the economic causes of a degrading environment would be short-sighted.

  1. Write a new topic sentence with a new main idea at the end.
  2. Explain your new main idea.
  3. Include specific details and examples.
  4. Add as much information as you can and make sure it links logically.
  5. Continue your development.
  6. Finish strong.

1. In conclusion, though economics is the basic foundation of modern civil societies, governments today should not neglect equally as crucial aspects such as the environment. 2. The economy is means for enacting other reforms, not an end in itself.

  1. Summarise your main ideas.
  2. Include a final thought.