July 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe when someone gave you somethingyou really wanted /a gift your received

  • Who gave it to you
  • What was the thing
  • When you received it
  • Why you needed it?
  • How you felt about it

● In my life, I have never asked anyone for anything but there have been occasions when
people have given gifts to me and it made me feel really happy.
● Today I would like to talk about once such occasion when someone gifted me a thing that I
was planning to buy on my own
● It was given to me by my brother who is working as an engineer in Canada
● My brother loves me very much and is a kind hearted person
● He gifted me the latest iphone X and I was completely astonished (greatly surprised) when I
came to know that he got this phone for me.
● Actually I had been saving for this phone for a lot of months but still i didn’t have enough
money to buy it
● I also read a lot of reviews about this phone and watched a lot of videos on youtube as well
about this phone
● It’s an awesome phone with lot of great features like face recognition, wireless charging and
dual cameras.
● My brother was visiting us during the last winters and he saw me doing a lot of research
about this phone on the internet
● He knew that I wanted this phone badly
● So he went ahead and bought this phone for me without letting me know
● He gave this phone to me as a surprise on Christmas
● When I woke up on Christmas morning the phone was lying inside a sock next to my bed.
● At first I didn’t believe if it was real or a dream but then when everyone started
congratulating me, I felt elated.
● I thanked my brother a lot and I called him my Santa Claus.
● So this was the moment when I felt extremely joyful on receiving something I really wanted.