February 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe the game you enjoyed playing whenyou were younger.

  • You should say
  • What is that game.
  • Who you played it with.
  • Where did you play the game
  • and explain why you enjoyed playing that game.

I loved playing different types of games with sister and friends when I was younger.
I used to play board games like chess, snakes and ladder and Ludo.
I also had a set of action figures- GI Joes and I loved playing with them with my friends.
However, my favourite game during that time was hide and seek.
During my childhood, one of my best friend’s father was a government servant.
They had this huge government bungalow.
It was an old British period house.
Moreover, they also had a huge lawn with many trees.
In short, there was no shortage of hiding places and that’s what made it so fun.
It was normally four of us, my friend Jasjot, whose house it was and our two common
friends, Saral and Navneet.
Sometimes, Jasjot’s sister also joined us.
The purpose of the game was simple, one person had to find all others in a limited time period.
The person whose turn it was to find had to count for 60 secs with closed eyes before starting.
However, the house was very big, so we had to keep some rules.
Some parts of the house were forbidden, for example Jasjot parent’s bedroom.
Sometimes, we allowed changing hiding locations and sometimes we didn’t.
Basically, we just thought of rules according to the situation.
If the hiders were getting caught easily, we made it easier for them and if the finder was
finding it difficult we made it easier for him.
We all took turns finding and hiding.
I still vividly remember the four of us making fun of each other, finding the weirdest places
to hide – like inside the washing machine.
Hide and seek gets boring after a certain time, when the person figures out all the hiding
However, his house was so big that it seemed like there were millions of hiding spots.
I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much.
Moreover, there was no technology in those days, only one of us had a computer, so hide
and seek was our favourite game those days.