June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe an occasion when you spent time witha young child

  • When was it
  • Who the child was
  • Why did you spend time with the child
  • Explain what you did and how did you feel

● I love playing sports and games.
● So, I love spending time with children.
● Today, I want to talk about a time when I spent time with my nephew.
● Last year, my sister and her children came to stay with us during the summer vacations.
● My sister and my niece wanted to do some shopping, so they went to the mall and left me
home with my nephew.
● We had a blast.
● The first thing we did was to order ourselves a pizza.
● Then we played on the Play Station for a while.
● We both love playing Fifa and though my nephew is a a lot younger than me, he beat me in
all the games.
● I am getting better though and the next time he visits, ill beat him for sure.
● After playing Fifa, we went out and played badminton in the nearby park.
● While playing he saw and ice cream truck and then he started throwing a tantrum for one.
● My sister had especially forbidden me to get him ice cream as he had already eaten one in
the morning.
● When I told him no, he started crying and he would leave the park.
● Ultimately I bought him the ice cream and made him promise not to tell my sister.
● He broke the promise as soon as he saw my sister.
● I really enjoyed spending time with my nephew but at the end of it all, I also felt exhausted.
● He is full of energy and he can’t sit idle for one second.
● I guess that’s why they say raising kids isn’t as easy as it seems.