June 12, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a valuable item that you would like togive as a gift

  • To whom you would like to give
  • What do you want to gift
  • Why do you want to give it
  • How long would you need to save for it.

● I really like giving gifts to my family members and friends.
● And I equally like receiving gifts as well.
● Today, I would like to talk about an expensive item I want to buy for my nephew.
● Last year, my nephew came to stay with me during the summer vacations.
● During that time we played a lot on Play Station.
● We also developed a great bond due to the time we spent together.
● Whenever we talk on the phones, he talks about the games we played on the Play Station
and how eager he is visit me during the next summer, so we can play again together.
● However, my sister told me they won’t be able to visit us during the next summer as she is
working during that time.
● She hasn’t told him yet, but I know he will be heartbroken when he learns he won’t be able
to visit me.
● So, I want to gift my nephew a PlayStation 5.
● That way, we can play together online.
● Plus, I want to see his surprised face, when he opens the box.
● There is no better feeling than to see a smile on our loved one’s faces.
● The PlayStation costs around Rs 50000 and I work part time nowadays.
● With my part time salary, it would take me around four five months at least to be able to
afford it.
● That means, I won’t be able to get it before August.
● So, I am planning to borrow some money from my parents to gift it to him