June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a speech you gave or Describe a talkyou gave to a group of people

  • When and to whom you gave the speech
  • What was the speech about
  • Why you gave the speech
  • How did you feel about it
  • I have not delivered many speeches in my life, but there is one memorable experience I had.
  • There was an environmental fair organized by a local NGO in my hometown.
  • Our school principal selected two students from our school to participate in a declamation
  • I was chosen from the 9th class, and we had only two days to prepare.
  • Despite feeling nervous, our teacher helped us prepare on the topic of global warming, a
    pressing issue of today.
  • During the speech, I discussed how global warming affects the entire planet and emphasized
    that humans are both the cause and the solution to this problem.
  • I highlighted the pollution caused by deforestation, increased industrialization, and the use
    of cars and luxuries.
  • Furthermore, I explained the effects of global warming, such as rising sea levels, changing
    climates, and the spread of diseases like malaria and dengue.
  • To address this issue, I proposed simple measures like preserving trees, planting more trees,
    using recycled materials, and avoiding plastic bags.
  • Although I used to be stage shy, I delivered the speech confidently during the fair, and it was
    well-received by everyone.
  • Winning the first prize not only boosted my confidence but also made me realize my
    oratorical skills.
  • That day holds a special place in my memory, and I will never forget the sense of
    accomplishment and joy I felt.