July 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a piece of clothing you wear mostoften OR a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing

  • You should say:
  • What it is like
  • When and where you got it?
  • How often you wear it
  • And explain why you enjoy wearing it
  • Fashion has become a passion for many people today, and I am no exception. I love trying
    out new outfits every day, especially for functions or special occasions.
  • I have a vast collection of different dresses and suits in my wardrobe.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a traditional suit that was gifted to me by my maternal aunt
    on my birthday.
  • It is a bottle green suit with magenta and golden embroidery, accompanied by a multicolored
    stole featuring a golden lace on all sides.
  • The suit is beautifully adorned with golden beads, giving it an ethnic touch. Additionally, the
    stole is made of crinkled silk, adding to its elegance.
  • Along with the suit, my aunt also gave me matching accessories, including a golden beaded
  • When I wear the suit, I always pair it with my traditional Punjabi shoes, as they perfectly
    complement the outfit.
  • Whenever I wear this suit, I receive compliments from everyone around me, which boosts
    my confidence and makes me feel good.
  • Interestingly, during my vacation, I stayed with my aunt in Chandigarh, where she runs
    cooking hobby classes. I assisted her in managing the classes, allowing her to accommodate
    more students.
  • As a token of appreciation, she offered me money, but I declined because I didn’t help her
    for monetary gain.
  • Instead, as a heartfelt gesture, she decided to buy me this expensive suit as a birthday gift.
  • I genuinely adore the suit and have worn it on numerous occasions, including my college
    farewell, where it added a touch of grace to the event.