June 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a foreigner who speaks your native language (hindi) very well

  • You should say:
  • Who this person is
  • Where he/she is from
  • How he/she learns Hindi
  • And explain why he can speak Hindi well

• I don’t know many foreigners as I live in a small village and I have never visited another country.
• However, recently I came to know about a foreigner on the internet.
• Nowadays, many people post their travel videos on Youtube.
• I also love travelling, so I watch these channels sometimes.
• One of these channels is of a foreigner, Chris Steven.
• His channel grabbed my attention, as he converses in fluent Hindi.
• He is an American and was born and brought up in America.
• However, the way he speaks Hindi, it seems like he was raised in India.
• He visits India often, because he is very interested in Indian culture.
• As I watched his channel more and more, I came to know how he developed an interest in Indian culture and Hindi.
• One of his neighbours during his childhood years was Indian and he introduced Chris to Bollywood movies.
• That’s how it all started for him.
• Initially, his neighbour used to translate and help him understand the movies.
• However, slowly he started watching these movies on his own.
• He picked up a little bit of Hindi by watching these movies
• His love for Bollywood also made him more curious about Indian culture.
• Eventually, he learnt Hindi, by taking it as an optional course during College.
• And his visits to India, polished his Hindi even more.
• I know many of us Indians love to learn about Western culture.
• So, its always nice to see a foreigner wanting to learn about Indian culture for a change.