July 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a daily routine that you enjoy

  • You should say
  • What it is
  • Where and when you do it
  • Who do you do it with
  • Explain why you enjoy it

● I have many routines that I do every day, such as taking a bath, preparing breakfast for
myself and sometimes my parents, going for a walk, studying, going to the gurdwara, and so
● Here I would like to talk about a daily routine that I really enjoy and look forward to.
● It is doing a 3-mile walk at home with Leslie Sansone.
● Leslie has her own walk at home app in which she has these daily walks for people of all age
● My aunt told me about it.
● I used to go for a morning walk, but could not go when it was too hot or too cold or raining
● So my routine was broken.
● I have been doing this walk daily for the last 1 year.
● I have the app on my phone, but I prefer to open the webpage on my laptop as the screen is
● Sometimes my mother joins me in the walk.
● We do it in our living room as it is very spacious.
● I enjoy it because it gives me a feeling that I have something for my body.
● I used to be a bit overweight, but now I have lost around 5 kg and my body shape also looks
and feels much better.
● Earlier I used to feel lazy and tired, but now I feel much energetic and healthier.
● I also suffered insomnia, and would toss and turn in bed for a long time before I actually fell
● Now, I am asleep within minutes of touching my head on the pillow.
● Because of a good night’s sleep, I have more concentration in my studies too.
● This walk can be done any time of the day, but I like to start my day with it.
● Sometimes, if my morning is busy, I do it in the afternoon or evening.
● There are many other walking routines on the net, but I like walking with Leslie the most
● She adds upper body and abs exercises with the walk and that helps tone up the whole