June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Describe a course that you want to learn / studyyou would like to do in future/ something that youwould like to learn in the future

  • What this course is
  • When you want to learn it
  • Where you can learn it
  • And explain why you want to learn it
  • A course I would really like to do in the future is a language course.
  • A language I would like to learn is French
  • There are many reasons for this
  • The first and foremost reason is that I want to visit my uncle and aunt who live in France
  • They told me that if you wish to communicate with Franco phones it is very essential to
    know some French
  • There, very few people know English
  • My uncle has also offered to sponsor my fees for higher education if I decide to study in
  • In that case, if I choose to study there, then learning French would be a necessity
  • Another reason is that my parents are planning to move to Canada
  • So, my knowledge of French would come very handy there
  • It might help me in getting a job
  • French is spoken in 33 countries
  • It is the second most commonly taught language after English
  • Even in my country, if I know a foreign language, then I can get a good job in the tourism
  • Everyone knows, tourists from all parts of the world flock to India
  • Those who are multilingual definitely stand a better chance in the job market.
  • Fortunately, a language training Institute by the name of Aroma Language Centre has
    opened in my home town
  • They teach French, German and Italian.
  • Their next batch is starting soon.
  • I would enroll in that batch.
  • Two of my friends have started learning French there.
  • They told me that the teacher is very nice.
  • They also told me that French is a beautiful language.