June 22, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

PTE Fill in the blanks R/W 1.Recruitment Tool

The six programs represented here report that word of mouth is by far their most effective recruitment tool, particularly because it typically yields candidates who are similar to previously successful candidates. Moreover, satisfied candidates and school systems are likely to _________ the word without any special _________on the part of their program. Other less personal advertising approaches, such as radio and television spots and local newspaper advertisements, have also proven fruitful, _________ for newer programs. New York uses a print advertising campaign to inspire dissatisfied professionals to become teachers. Subway posters send provocative _________ to burned-out or disillusioned professionals “Tired of diminishing returns? Invest in NYC kids” was just one of many Madison Avenue-inspired invitations. News coverage has also proven to be a _________ to alternative programs. When the New York Times, for example, ran a story about the district’s alternative route program, 2,100 applications flooded in over the next six weeks.
1) spread, deepen, unfold, splay
2) effect, errand, effort, emotion
3) rarely, totally, especially, likely
4) telling, warning, messages, stories
5) facet, charge, boon, burden