Techniques To Improve Listening Skills

Techniques To Improve Listening Skills

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1:- Be Prepared 

Like any other activity. listening also requires preparation. For a class, this means completing your reading and the assignment responsibilities, For an outside speaker, you can learn something about the speaker. The topic .the audience .the situation before attending.

2:-   Be Open-minded 

We have our opinions about the people. we may not like what is being said but we should listen, We may learn something that may decrease prejudice try to suppress the biases. Give the speaker a chance to make the point.

3:- Avoid Distractions 

Too often, we allow external or internal distractions to divert our attention from the speaker’s message. We must .therefore, work hard at becoming active listeners. We should shake off distractions. We can fight distractions by closing doors. moving closer to the speaker. and giving more attention.

4:- Avoid Prejudgment 

Do not prejudge the speaker because of their appearance or occupation. Do not make conclusions about the speaker before hearing what is said, We should not judge the speaker by how he looks, talks. and delivers. A good listener’s task is to focus on the message, not on a speaker’s dress. accent. or mannerisms. 

5:- Use Nonverbal  Skills 

Listening is a process that involves the whole body. to help your focus. maintain eye. contact, react responsively with a head the nods or spoken signals pay attention to the speaker’s body language. A   positive posture helps in becoming a good listener.

6:-  Have Empathy 

Understanding of speaker’s feelings is called empathy. We should look at things from the speaker’s point of view . Sometimes the speaker may have a hard time expressing his feelings At this point. we should encourage him to carry on we should show that we wish to listen. As time passes. he will gain confidence and deliver.


Following ate some of the results of good listening.

1:-   Better Attitude 

Good listening leads to helpful and positive attitudes the listener is aware of different hurdles in good listening with his attention and extra effort . he removes those hurdles. As a result. listening proves fruitful.

2:-  Improvement in Communication 

Good listening provides the speaker as well as the listener a chance to improve communication. Each side Knows the techniques for effective listening. Besides.Each side  has empathy for the other one, This thing ties them in the bond of effective communication,

3:-  Positive Feedback 

The listeners give positive feedback to the speaker. They nod their heads. They take brief notes, they establish. eye-contact with the speaker. They sit a bit leaning towards the speaker their body language shows their interest in the speaker and his words, in turn, the speaker tries to give the best presentation,

4:-  Useful  Information 

Good listening helps listeners obtain useful information on the basis of this information. they ate able to make correct decisions, In this way, they get success in business and private life.

5:-  Better Understanding 

When people are involved in the process of good listening, they have a better understanding of each other prejudices are removed. there is open-mindedness. The people show respect and love for each other.

6:-  Helpful to Speaker 

Good listening is helpful not only to the heart out also to the speaker. the speaker his heart out. Especially . in a job interview, he presents his ideas in a clear way, this thing may prove very helpful in impressing the prospective employer.

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