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Types of Questions DESCRIPTION QUESTIONS: (Strategy: divide into 2 or 3 parts)  Sample answer  Tell me something about your hometown?  Well as you can probably guess I come from Taipei and I have lived here all my life, although at the moment I’m studying in another city – Taizhong. I suppose if I had to

Lesson Plan – Identifying Words in a Song

Using songs Songs are an effective way learn English because of many reasons: Songs introduce authentic language . They involve target language cultural aspects. They can be used to teach various language points. Using songs is a nice and joyful activity to foster listening skills. Songs are fun. The materials needed are the following: Find

Dictogloss – Another Variation of Dictation

Dictation Dictation is not considered an old-fashioned activity any more. A lot f teachers have discovered that it’s a rich mine for developing learners vocabulary and structural competence. The teacher’s role in modern variations of this activity is no longer considered central. Learners are given more control of the activity. What dictation is and its

Role play : A strong way to learn language

Speaking is one of the most important language skills. Few activities help students stimulate this skill. Role Play is one of them. It is the best way to stimulate conversation and can be an excellent teaching tool if done properly. It necessitates interaction between at least 2 partners. It is often helpful to teach beforehand

Teaching Productive Skills | Speaking and Writing

Teaching productive skills to Second Language Learners The procedure of teaching productive skills involves different steps. The following article provides answers to the following questions: What is meant by productive skills? Why are they important in English language teaching? How to structure a productive skills lesson plan? What elements should be considered in teaching productive

IELTS Test Paper (Academic) in Patiala

Listening test Part 1 Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 2 words). Part 2 Questions: multiple choice, matching information. Part 3 Questions: multiple choice, matching information. Part 4 Questions: short-answer questions (no more than 1 word). Reading test Passage 1 Questions: True/False/Not Given, short-answer questions. Passage 2 Questions: filling in blanks, matching information. Passage 3

IELTS Test Paper #12 (General)

Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) You want to improve your knowledge of foreign language which can help you at work. Write a letter to a foreign language teacher and say – Where did you hear about the teacher? – Why do you want to learn the foreign language? – Ask some questions about

IELTS Test Paper #11 (General)

Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) Write a letter to the city council complaining about a road near you. In your letter – Introduce yourself and say where you live – Explain the problem – Say what you want to be done. Writing task 2 (an essay) Many organisations and companies ask their staff