Reading is the understanding of words and the association between them. Reading is a productive skill. Reading plays an important role in the present lifestyle. It is essential to the part of our personal and working lives. Eighty-five percent of college work involves reading. Business people spend 16% of their time reading.


principles of reading ate as follows.

1 .  Evaluate Your Reading Habits 

You should evaluate your reading habits from time to time. It will tell what type of reader you are. Through it. defects in reading will be brought to light, Then try to remove those defects.

2 . Provide  The Right Atmosphere

Choose an area where you can read with utmost ease. This should include proper light a pencil for taking notes, and a dictionary near at hand  Sitting up in a chair will make you more alert. Location and posture can influence your attitude.

3 . Use Your Eyes Effectively 

Eyes see the printed words and transmit them to the brain. Give eyes the opportunity to perform well. To see words eyes should fix at a place. Learn to move your eyes continually forward at a proper pace.

4 . Enrich Your Vocabulary 

The person who has a good grasp of words is a good reader . Words are the basis of human communication. A child learns the first word. Gradually, It learns more words Vocabulary should grow as you mature. At every stage of life. It is necessary to increase the number and understanding of the words.

5 . Mind Your Speed 

A good reader must learn to the balance speed with accuracy. Do not read every word at the same rate, Be aware of what you are reading and why your speed should be adjusted to the type of the material,

6 . Practice Regularly

Like any skill. reading requires practice Set aside 15 to 30 minutes every day to practice reading. just as a typist would start off your exercises with the light material. The purpose should be to read with understanding.

7 . Keep Good Books 

Reading can improve your personal and business life. A book is a best friend, A well-read person is generally well-informed person, He is a more interesting person. a better student. a more successful worker. So, you should keep a good number of books. 


1 . Skinning 

Skimming means reading a passage. page. an article very quickly to find what it is about, Skimming is the fastest speed at which are can read By running ours is the fastest speed at which are can get the main idea without worrying about the details. We generally skim for two reasons. 1 Very often we do not have time to read everything in detail. We just want to the get main idea. 2. At times . we skim through a few pages of the book in order to decide whether it deserves a careful reading or not, For efficient skimming. It is important to realize that a passage usually contains one main idea.

2 . Scanning 

Scanning means looking quickly for a specific piece of information in a text. We might scan a report for the important facts and figures. In our daily life. We often use scanning to discover. a particular word in a dictionary. a particular number in the telephone directory. The time of arrival or departure of a particular train. a particular date in the history book. To do him we do not have to read carefully the whole dictionary. telephone directory. timetable. and history book. We scan the page or pages until our eye discovers the required information. 

3 . Intensive Reading 

Intensive reading requires utmost attention. the reader focuses on each and every word. The purpose of such reading is to understand and reproduce the main idea whenever required. This type of reading is a vital part of studies . A student had to understand the words and then reproduce them , Unless a student is absorbed in the material he will not be able to understand the words.

4 . Extensive Reading 

In extensive reading . Small information is gained from wide reading. It is the type of pleasure the reading. There is no serious purpose of this reading. It is carried out just for the sake of reading. It occurs mostly in leisure time.

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