Kinds of Communication

Kinds of Communication

1 :- Oral Communication 

Oral  Communication means  sending the  message through spoken  the words . It is also known as . interpersonal Gradually, It becomes more complex, Business people  Spend 75% of their on oral communication.

Forms of Oral Communication 

Following are some major forms of oral communication.

Formal meetings             Instructing Subordinates 

Dealing with clients         A Private Discussion 

Interviews                         Conferences 

Seminars                           Telephone 

Ways  to Make Oral Communication Successful 

Oral Communication can be made successful by using following ways .

1 ;- Plan What to Say.

Oral communication should be planned carefully. Determine the purpose. Prepare  Supporting  not and gather relevant material . Choose the language that is suitable to the situation.

2 ;- Think of the Receiver 

It is vital to know you will speak, think of their position education, Knowledge, experience, mental level, etc. It will help you a lot in communication successfully, 

3 ;- Know the Situation 

There may be different situation for speaking , such as interview  , briefing . inquiry , meeting ,report , etc. the situation may be pleasant , neutral , or unpleasant , you have  to adopt the right way Be, friendly . informal. or formal the  according to the situation , 

4 ;- Be Open-Minded 

Present your ideas in an effective way , But at the same time , consider the matter from other person’s point of view , Be open-minded to hear what is right , but have you arguments ready to make your point forceful , 

Advantage of Oral Communication 

1 , It provides immediate feedback .

2 . It is easy to the  convey and understand .

3 . It may be relatively detailed .

4 . It can easily  be the  changed according  to the situation ,

5 . It often does not need a situation .

2 :- Written Communication 

Written communication means sending message through written  words .Written communication has gained such an around the globe , Business people spend 25% of their Time on written communication, 

Forms of Written Communication  .

Following are some major forms of the written communication ;

Letter                   Memo

Minutes               Report 

Notice                 Staff Newsletter 

Circular                Press Release 

Advertisement     Invitation 

Ways to Make written communication Successful 

Written communication can be made successful by using following ways .

1 ;- Know the purpose 

First of all . give the  a close attention to the purpose of the message , It means why you are the  sending the message, It may be congratulation , a request , a good-news message , a bad-news message , an inquiry , etc. Choose the language that is suitable to the situation, 

2 ;- Know the Receiver 

It is vital to the  know who will  read the message ,  1 Visualize ,  2 his position , 3 education , 4 knowledge , 5 experience , 6 mental level , etc.  It will be very  the helpful in making the message successful .

3 ;- Send a Correct Message 

Make sure that your message is correct in every respect, An incorrect message not only causes confusion  but also leaves a bad impression,1  the physical  appearance, 2 information, 3 grammar,  4 spelling, 5 punctuation,  6 capitalization, etc. should be correct, 

4 ;- Choose Proper  Channel 

Choose the right channel of communication, A wrong decision about the medium may have terrible results. The choice of channel will depend on such factors : 1 cost . 2 confidentiality, 3 security, 4 distance, 5 times of day ,  6 resources, 7 written record, and receiver ,

Advantages of  Written  Communication 

It is will planned .

It is useful to convey long and complex messages,

It has a permanent record,

It is relatively low in cost.

It may be sent to  the various people at one time .

3 :- Nonverbal  Cues ( Communication ) 

Nonverbal communication is the process of communication without words, it communicates through appearance, posture. facial expression, gestures. movement, smell, touch, silence, time, space, etc.  It is estimated that 85%  of our information comes through nonverbal communication ,


1 :- Appearance 

Appearance means how one looks . Our physical charm impresses people, When people think we are attractive, we feel good, This thing affects our behavior.Our grooming , Our clothing , Our style .  all shape our the appearance , The appearance  of the  room and stationery also communicates , 

2 :-  Posture 

Posture  is a way in the which a person  stands , walks, or sits posture is the important in projecting the right image , It shows  confidence or nervousness . stand  tall , with your weight on the  both feet and your shoulders back .

3 :- Facial Expressions 

Our face is the primary site for the expressing our emotions , It reveals the type and the intensity of our the  feelings , these feelings may be of love ,1  hatred , 2 joy , 3  sorrow , 4 anger , 5 fear .  6 zeal . 

4 :-  Gestures 

Any movement of the hands, arms , head , the shoulders is called gesture , we communicate through nod of the head, shake of the head ,bow of the head , wave of the hand , show of the hand , handshakes , point of the finger , etc.

5 :- Eye Behaviour 

 Eyes are especially effective  for indicating  attention and interest , Our eyes make the first electrical connection  with the people , Eye contact shows confidence in a person. Eyes are usually a reliable source of meaning.

6 :-  Touching Behaviour 

Touch is an important  tool for the conveying warmth . comfort , friendship , love , anger\ , hatred , affection ,etc, A kiss , slap , a pinch , a punch m a pat , a tickle , a pull , a push , etc, convey different  messages ,

7 :-  Time 

Time can be used to claim authority , In many cultures . people , show respect by being on time , Some people display .their importance by making other people wait, however , punctuality always leaves a positive impact . 

8 :-   Space 

We all carry some space around us, This personal space is generally guarded against intruders, We also try not to intrude on the personal space of others. The amount of space is allowed on the basis of status. Going too close to the others may annoy them. 

9 :-  Smell 

Smell gives a strong message , It affects  the mood of a person . The fragrance gives a pleasant message, Stink gives the unpleasant message, the smell may also warn against danger, It may caution against gas leakage, smoke, fire, etc.

10 :-  Silence 

It is not only words and gestures that communicate the  Silence also gives a message , If the someone remains silent to our question , we do not feel good , Silence may also convey approval, respect ,ear , rejection , or seriousness 

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