IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task

Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that improve the mind, such as reading and doing word puzzles. Other people feel that it is important to rest the mind during leisure time.

Which one do you agree with? Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Many people believe that it is significant using spare time for things that enhance the mind, for instance, reading and doing word puzzles. The others think that it is vital to relax the mind during spare time. In my opinion, I agree that people should use leisure time for activities which improve the mind.

In one hand, some people have very exhausting jobs. Therefore, they would like to relax during leisure time, so they do not want to do anything within this time. They think they need to rest. Moreover, many people are lazy, for this reason, they do not keen to do activities to improve the mind. For instance reading a book and doing sudoku puzzles.

On the other hand, many people have stressful jobs too, but they like to enhance the mind. Therefore, they do many things within leisure time such as reading a novel, solving puzzles, doing exercises which are useful for improving the mind. I think that people who utilise spare time doing activities that boost the mind are more successful than others who love to use spare time for relaxing.

Finally, in my opinion, people should use their leisure time to improve the mind. For this reason, people should do anything which is useful for enhancing the mind. Moreover, ı would argue that people should be hard working not to be idle. So they always do something to be more successful. Furthermore, I think some activities are so relaxing while they improve the mind. Such as doing sudoku puzzles.

In conclusion, ı agree that people should do activities that improve the mind during leisure time. because, while that they are performing activities for improving the mind, the activities can contribute to job achievement. Moreover, I think, leisure time should be used effectively since it is so precious.

Sample Answer 2:
Nowadays people are divided on the issue how to utilise leisure time effectively. One line of thought believes there should be mind-twisting activities to develop mind but on the other hand, there are those who affirm with this notion that it is better to rest .I am partial accord with this ideology. In following paragraphs, I will shed light on arguments to supporting my views.

To launch into the topic, as according to some people rest is necessary to keep our mind fresh and healthy and up to some extent it is right. Giving rest to mind revitalise it, helps to think better. Moreover, as our body is not a machine, so respite is mandatory. 24 hours use of mind can cause stress and many types of health maladies. So up to some extent ,it is mandatory to take a respite for some time.

On the flip side, in the modern era, cut throat competition is going on in every domain, so developed minds can attain success. So these types of activities play a pivotal role in life. Activates like reading books can also play a role in broadening our knowledge, which will be helpful in later life. It can open new vistas of employment and opportunity. By solving puzzles and playing brain games, it escalates creative power of our mind, a level of thinking also develop in an effective manner.

At the end of the discussion, after analysing of arguments, both sides have their reasons for their arguments. Rests, as well as the development activities, are both are equally important. At last, I am in favour of both of these. I would suggest a good balance of taking rest and engaging in mind enhancing activities in leisure time for any individual.

Sample Answer 3:
Currently, what we should do in leisure time for the well-being has been a matter of public attention in this contemporary life. It is believed that doing some leisure activities will enhance people’s frame of mind. Diametrically, opposed to this, some people put forward the idea that the rest will be good for our mind. As far as I am convinced that the former opinion should receive more support.

Central to this idea is the argument that for most people, the benefit of spending spare time for doing some recreational activities, such as reading and doing word puzzle is to promote brain’s ability, which will enable them to become more intellectual and brilliant. The key explanation to this could be that evidence in favour of playing puzzles and answering IQ quizzes is found in much research which reveals that these activities will boost human mindset effectively and logically.

Another noticeable justification is that leisure pursuits such as reading books and writing diary or novel will drive people further toward enriching their horizon and knowledge as well as cultivating their critical thinking. For example, in some developed countries, the governments have encouraged their citizens in creating the reading habit by establishing public libraries and e-libraries with a mixed variety of books.

It is also true that refreshing mind by rest is particularly important for people’s living, which can make it possible for human to relax and unwind after long working time. If we do not pay enough attention to rest and sleep, it will be likely to make us feel exhausted and irritable. However, leisure activities are more important for most people.

To recapitulate, the main advantage of spending spare time for doing leisure pursuits is to improve our frame of mind and thus make us develop IQ ability well. Meanwhile unwinding after hard work and study is not crushed aside.

Sample Answer 4:
It is generally accepted that we all require leisure time to recover from the hassle of works and everyday life. There are many ways individuals can spend their spare time. Few people believe the playing scrabble or reading a novel in free time is the best approach as it progresses mind, however, others believe that we should give rest to the brain. This essay will analyse both views before drawing a conclusion.

On the one hand, people relax by playing sports, watching movies, playing scrabble and so on. They say that these physical and mental activities serve as a tonic and refresh them to face new challenges. For instance, people who are largely involved in indoor work like Computer Operator or Radar Operator spent most of their time in front of a computer screen and for them to go outside in fresh air, stretching their muscles, playing sports in spare time could ease the workloads and reduces mental pressures.

On the other hand, few people believe that it is good to give rest to mind then involving in mind games and other physical activities. They say that taking a power nap, relaxing on a rocking chair or spending sometimes at the beach as a silent observer would help them to energise their brain and to remain healthy. For instance, people who are involved in outdoor work like cargo loader, courier delivery and so on prefer to spend their leisure time relaxing on a sofa or bed.

Although the above look is a solid evidence for both sides of the argument, I personally believe that it should be up to people to decide what is best for them in leisure time that can help them to relax and remain healthy.

Sample Answer 5:
There is a great shift in people’s lifestyle over the last few years. These days they involve themselves in hectic work routine and have very less time for leisure activities. However, leisure time is essential to ease tension and to get refreshed and energetic. Some people argue that leisure time can be utilised efficiently by doing mind booster type activities. Others state that after busier schedule, one should relax their mind. I believe that leisure time provides us opportunities to further enhance our knowledge and mind.

Activities like reading, playing puzzle games etc. are the best use of spending leisure time. One cannot deny about the numerous benefits of reading. All the scientists and scholars used to read books in their leisure time. It not only increased our knowledge bur also enable us to draw our own observation under the light of reading materials. Furthermore puzzle games contribute a lot in making mind sharp and efficient.

Nowadays, the lifestyle of people has dramatically changed because of the economic crisis and recession. People get involve in multiple jobs in order to earn their living. So it is mandatory to have peace and rest of mind by doing activities such as listening music, watching television and doing physical activities. It will help them in easing tension and make them energetic for their future work.

In conclusion, I would like to say that constructive activities in leisure time could contribute immense benefits to us. By doing these activities one can gain plenty of knowledge which would definitely help them in their coming life.

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