IELTS Essay Writing: Advantages – Disadvantages of Cars

IELTS Essay Writing: Advantages – Disadvantages of Cars

Some people claim that there are more disadvantages of the car than its advantages.

Do you agree or disagree?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a car.

Disadvantages of owning a car:

  • Owning a car is expensive and requires a lot of expense to maintain and repair. Not all families can afford it.
  • Cars have increased the level of air and noise pollution in cities, causing more people to suffer from respiratory, heart disease, or cancer.
  • City travelers have to spend a lot of time in traffic jams. Using more private cars, the density of traffic has suddenly increased and citizens have had to wait longer on traffic loads.
  • As the number of private cars has increased, more car occupants have been injured or killed in serious accidents.
  • More pedestrian accidents are reported each year. As the use of private cars increases, it is more likely that pedestrians will be killed by them.
  • Private transportation is more expensive than public transportation. Paying taxes, renewing licenses, or paying exorbitant airfare costs people more.
  • More fossil fuels are consumed because people use more cars, leaving other generations short of these fuels.
  • Government spending will increase dramatically. To build and maintain more roads for more cars, to have more police force, the local government will have to consider a bigger budget.
  • The use of cars for transportation has reduced the health of car users because they do not need any physical movement.
  • If global warming is taking place and affecting the ozone layer, it is contributing to the increase in fuel consumption for driving a car.
  • Car owners need to be concerned about car safety and parking spaces wherever they travel.
  • This saves time as passengers can reach their destination as quickly as possible on a public bus.
  • Compromise: Why are there more disadvantages than advantages of cars?
  • Given the health of the cars, the environment, the government budget and the hassles and costs to car owners, it is clear that having a car leads to more discrimination and the benefits it offers.

Advantages of having a car:

Private car mode is a convenient mode of transport.

  • Having more comfortable seats, ventilation or other state-of-the-art technology helps people feel better than using other methods like bicycles or public buses.
  • The user has more secure privacy than the use of public transport.
  • This will increase job opportunities as more workers join car companies or as drivers, reducing the unemployment rate.
  • Local states will have more budgets paid by car owners’ taxes to renovate roads. Every year, drivers pay hundreds of dollars to renew their car insurance, license, tickets, or air care.
  • Other industries have evolved as the car industry has evolved. The more people use private cars, the more car companies have to expand their technology, leading to the development of other mother industries.
  • People can have complete freedom to decide on the schedule and roads to reach their destination.
  • A private car owner can use his time but it is very difficult to do so on a public bus.
  • In a car, a person does not have to worry about dust, noise, and fumes on the road while it is not always possible to avoid them on public transport.

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