give short answers in no more than 4 lines

give short answers in no more than 4 lines

Give  Short  Answers  in  no More  Than  4 Lines;

1 :-  Define communication.

Ans :  the exchange of ideas between and among human beings is known as communication, It is a tow way process, It may be verbal or nonverbal m Communication is considered a success when it brings the desired results.

2 ;- What is the importance of communication?

Ans :   Communication keeps the world on the move communication is the “lifeblood” of an organization;It is an important job requirement. It is essential for promotion. It is needed at each and every step of life.

3 ;-  What is external communication?

Ans ;  External communication carries the information in and out of the organization. It may include letters. reports. telephone. calls. contracts. ads. new. releases. Effective external communication is the primary need of an organization. It surely leads to success.

4 ;- What is internal communication?

Ans ;  internal communication carries information up . down.  and across the organization. It may include memos. reports. meetings. teleconferences etc, It increases job satisfaction safety,  and profit, It decreases  complaints  turnovers, and  loss, etc

5 ;- What  is  downward communication?

Ans  ;  In most organizations, decisions are made at the top and then flow down to the people. who will carry them out  Employees need clear job directions when they receive proper communication from the management. they  can be more efficient, 

6 ;-  What  is horizontal  communication ?

Ans ;  Horizontal  communication  flows from  one  department  to another, It also occurs  between  the people  of  the same rank,  

7 ;- What  is abstracting ?

Ans ;  Focusing on some details is a process called abstraction, on many occasions, abstraction is necessary When we communicate, we are generally limited by time. expense , space, or purpose, We need to select facts that are related to our purpose, 

8  ;-  What is filtering?

Ans ;  Omission of undesirable part of the message is called filtering, Filtering is shortening information before a message is passed on to someone else, filtering is a type of refinement that brings grace and relevance to a message.

9  ;- What is inferring?

Ans ;  A  conclusion made by reasoning from evidence is called inferring, Everyday we act on some inferences, We make assumptions, and draw conclusions, When we drop a letter into the mailbox, we infer that it will reach its destination. 

10 ;-  What  are denotations ?

Ans . Denotation is often dictionary meaning. Most people agree on these meanings, Denotative meanings inform the receiver naming objects, people, or events without indicating positive or negative qualities, Such words include car, desk, book, etc. 

11 ;-  What ate connotations?

Ans ;  Some  words have connotative  meanings that arouse  personal  reactions , These reaction may be positive  connotations  Others , Such  as lazy, rotten, angry, have  negative connotations, 

12 ;-  What is selectivity ?

Ans ; The study of choice of words is called selectivity words are the major medium of communication, There fore, words should be dandled carefully word s have different meanings in different situations, The sender must be aware of it. 

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