Difference between IELTS General Writing Task 2 and Academic Writing Task 2

Difference between IELTS General Writing Task 2 and Academic Writing Task 2

  • Essays in IELTS Academic will be slightly tougher than in IELTS General.
  • The choice of topics will vary between the two. IELTS Academic will have complex topics whereas IELTS General will have comparatively simpler ones.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips (or) IELTS Essay Writing Tips

IELTS writing task 2 is the second part of the two writing tasks and is one of the most challenging parts of the IELTS test. Most students also find it to be more difficult compared to Writing task 1.

What should you know about Writing Task 2? 

  • You will be allotted 40 minutes to complete this task.
  • The essay should comprise of 4-5 paragraphs including the introduction and conclusion.
  • DO NOT compose too many body paragraphs. Around 2-3 body paragraphs would be sufficient.
  • Use proper grammar/vocab to convey your ideas or points. (e.g.) Words used to give reasons – because, due to. (or) words used to contradict points – however, but, although.

Plan your essay

1. Identify what is asked in the question.

  • Do you have to write for both sides or do you have to choose a side?
  • Do you have to provide answers to all the questions?
  • Do you have to convey only the advantages and disadvantages or do you have to give an opinion?

2. Brainstorm the main points.

3. Construct your paragraphs.

  • Gather your supporting points for your central idea of each paragraph with examples.

4. Check your Task Response

  • Check on the number of questions asked. Did you answer it all?
  • Were you told to choose a side? Did you choose a side?
  • Do all your paragraphs focus on one central topic/idea?
  • Do these ideas have supporting points and answers?
  • Remember that you aren’t being assessed for your knowledge but your ability to put your thoughts through in an essay using the English Language. Although relevancy is one of the factors you’re assessed upon, it isn’t the only factor. Do not spend too much time on making the content perfect!

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