Communication skills and its importance

Communication skills and its importance

1 :- Define communication .

Ans : the exchange of ideas between and among human beings is known as communication , It is a tow way process , It may be verbal or nonverbal m Communication is a considered the successful when it brings the desired results .

2 ;- What is importance of communication ?

Ans : Communication keeps the world on the move communication is “lifeblood ” of an organization ;It is an important job requirement . It is essential for promotion . It is needed at each and every step of life .

3 ;- What is external communication ?

Ans ; External communication is carries the information the in and out of the organization . It may include letters . reports . telephone . calls . contracts . ads . new . releases . Effective external communication is primary need of an organization . It surely leads to success .

4 ;- What is internal communication ?

Ans ; internal communication carries information up . down . and across the organization . It may include memos . reports . meetings . teleconferences . etc , It increases job satisfaction safety , and profit , It decreases complaints turnovers , and loss , etc ,

5 ;- What is downward communication ?

Ans ; In most organizations , decisions are made at the top and then flow down to the people . who will carry them out Employees need clear job directions , when they receive proper communication form the management . they can be more efficient ,

6 ;- What is horizontal communication ?

Ans ; Horizontal communication flows from one department to another , It also occurs between the people of the same rank ,

7 ;- What is abstracting ?

Ans ; Focusing on some details is a process called abstraction , on many occasions , abstraction is necessary When we communication , we are generally limited by time . expense , space , or purpose , We need to select facts that are related to our purpose ,

8 ;- What is filtering ?

Ans ; Omission of undesirable part of message is called filtering , Filtering is shortening information before a message is passed on to some one else , filtering is a type of refinement that bring grace and relevance to a message .

9 ;- What is inferring ?

Ans ; A conclusion made by reasoning from evidence is called inferring , Everyday we act on some inferences , We make assumptions and draw conclusions , When we drop a letter into the mailbox , we infer that it will reach its destination .

10 ;- What are denotations ?

Ans . Denotation are often dictionary meanings . Most people agree on these meanings , Denotative meanings inform the receiver naming objects , people , or events without indicating positive or negative qualities , Such words include car , desk , book , etc .

11 ;- What are connotations?

Ans ; Some words have connotative meanings that arouse personal reactions , These reaction may be positive connotations Others , Such as lazy , rotten , angry , have negative connotations ,

12 ;- What is selectivity ?

Ans ; The study of choice of words is called selectivity words are the major medium of communication, Therefore, words should be dandled carefully word s have different meanings in different situations, The sender must be aware of it.

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