55. Talk about a TV series (Program) you remember

  • What series is it
  • Who are the characters
  • What do you like/dislike about it


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  • I watch TV for the news and some reality shows but one TV series I really liked was Satya mev Jayate which means that truth alone wins.
  • This was a talk show directed and produced by Aamir Khan.
  • This program was telecast on Sunday mornings at 11 am.
  • I used to see it with all my family members.
  • I watched it because it was a wonderful show, which enlightened me a lot.
  • All the episodes were very heart-touching.
  • Some truths were also shocking.
  • I came to know that maximum insecticides and pesticides are used in Punjab as compared with the rest of India.
  • This show was the first show of Aamir Khan on TV.
  • He spent two years doing research for this show and finally the first show was telecast on 6th May 2012.
  • In these shows he wanted to aware Indians about some sensitive issues of the society.
  • The first issue was titled – Daughters are precious.
  • It was against female foeticide.
  • Other issues were – child sexual abuse, dowry system in India, medical malpractice, honour killings, physical disabilities, domestic violence and organic farming. 
  • This show has been dubbed in many other languages as well.
  • It was telecast by Star Plus and DD national.
  • It was telecast in 100 countries of the world.
  • Each and every show was an eye-opener.
  • I am a big fan of Aamir.
  • He is an actor par-excellence.
  • He admits that one TV show and one person’s efforts cannot bring about any change, but says “information and knowledge make you act differently”.
  • And that, through Satya mev Jayate, was his effort.


Follow ups

1. Do young people like to watch TV nowadays?

Yes, they do. There are many programs, which enchant the young people. There are reality shows, music and dance programs, which young people like to watch. There are some daily soaps also watched by young people.

2. What kinds of TV programs do young people like to watch?

Young people like reality shows, music and dance programs and even daily soaps. Some young people like talk shows also.

3. Do you think TV will be replaced by computers?

Not completely, but to a large extent they will be. TV shows can be watched online through Netflix and Amazon Prime. The mobile apps like Hotstar have made TV on the go possible.

4. What do you think of TV advertisements?

TV adverts have become an industry in themselves. Because of these we can watch uncountable channels for a fraction of the cost. Some ads are even more interesting than the program.

5. What TV programs are popular in your country?

Many TV programs are popular. Reality show, soaps, talk shows and sports programs are all popular.

More follow ups

 6. What kinds of TV programs are most popular in India?

Many kinds of TV programs are popular in India. India is a diverse country with diverse populace and diverse tastes. People watch soaps, sitcoms, talk shows, reality shows, sports programs and news programs.

7. Why do people all around the world watch soap operas?

Soaps are good relaxation. They are stories, which go on and on. People relate themselves to the characters and enjoy the stories.

8. What is the difference in the programmes, which young people like to watch and the elderly like to watch?

Young people like to watch action and adventure shows, whereas the elderly like religious shows, soaps, talk shows and news programmes

9. Why don’t young people don’t like educational shows?

They find such shows boring. They like adventure shows, reality shows and other such fun-packed shows.