VOCABULARY-A way to beautify

VOCABULARY-A way to beautify


What are adjectives?

An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective often precedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies.

‘Big’, ‘boring’, ‘purple’, ‘quick’ and ‘obvious’ are all adjectives

Categories of adjectives

The following are the fifteen major categories of meaning that are expressed with English adjectives. A few exemples are listed for each category, but there are several more possibilities.


blue, red, green, brown, yellow, black, white, purple, pink, etc…


big, huge, immense, enormous, mammoth, massive, vast, large, wide, spacious, small, little, tiny, high, long, tall, low , short, same as, gigantic, teeny (weeny), petite, scrawny, etc…


round (a ball), circle (a door knob), triangular, rectangular (a flag), square (a cake), oval (an egg), broad, curved, flat, etc…


happy, gald, beatific, blissful, cheerful, chirpy, content, pleased, satisfied, delighted, ecstatic , exalted, elated, sad, bereft, blue, broken, broken-hearted, broody, bruised, broody, careworn, deflated, dark, demoralised, depressed, desolate, despondent, disaffected, disappointed, disconsolate, discouraged, dismal, disillusioned, disheartened, dismayed, displeased, dissatisfied, distressed, distraught, doleful, down, downcast,downhearted, forlorn, tender, angry, excited, envious, embarassed, frightened, etc…


good,excellent, brilliant ,splendid, fantastic, magnificent, bad, terrible, awsome, awful, nice, beautiful, pretty,gorgeous, cute, glamorous,
elegant, good-looking, handsome, ugly, unsightly, right, wrong, funny, amusing, entertaining, light, heavy, fat, stout, thin, slim, clean, dirty, filthy, straight, noisy, quiet, still, tranquil, calm, powerful, nutritious, adorable, adventurous, aggressive, alert, attractive, bloody, blushing, colorful, exciting, graceful, grotesque, drab, dull, homely, plain, precious, sparkling, fragile, frail, weak, strong, doubtful, bewildred, confused, puzzled, cautious, careful, concerned, innocent, guilty, crazy, silly, stupid, foolish, clumsy, intelligent, clever, cunning, shy, timid, rich, poor, wild, defiant, courageous, brave, helpful, helpless, unhelpful, etc…


important, principal, paramount, famous, notorious, fictitious, real, true, false, imaginary, alive, dead, odd, weird, unsusual, strange, outsanding, impossible, improbable,easy, difficult, closed, open, etc…


one, two, three, … first, second, third, … abundant, empty,heavy, light, numerous, substantial, significant, insignificant etc…


cold, warm, hot, cool, rainy, windy snowy,foggy, sunny, cloudy, stormy, frozen, etc…


late, early, punctual, behindhand, delayed, ill-timed, premature, tardy, unearthly, modern, traditional, old-fashioned, young, old, new, slow, swift,quick, rapid, brief, short, long, etc…


American, Mexican, Moroccan,, African, Martian, etc…


wooden, woollen, cottony, fibrous, metallic, bronze, etc…


old, ancient, aged, senile, elderly, ageless, oldish, overage, young, juvenile, adolescent, teenage, underage, youthful, etc…


(These adjectives usually end in /ing/) sleeping bag, frying pan, swinging door, time-saving gadget, driving licence, etc…


bitter, delicious, fresh, juicy, ripe, rotten, salty, sour, spicy, stale, sticky, sweet, tart, tasteless, tasty, thirsty, fluttering, fuzzy, greasy, grubby, hard, hot, icy, loose, melted, plastic, prickly, rough, scattered, shaggy, shaky, sharp, shivering, silky, slimy, slippery, smooth, soft, solid, steady, sticky, tight, uneven, weak, wet, wooden, yummy, boiling, etc…


cooing, deafening, faint, harsh, high-pitched, hissing, hushed, husky, loud, melodic, moaning, mute, noisy, purring, quiet, raspy, resonant, screeching, shrill, silent, soft, squealing, thundering, voiceless, whispering, etc…

Opposites – Adjectives



alive dead
beautiful ugly
big small
bitter sweet
cheap expensive
clean dirty
curly straight
difficult easy
good bad
early late
fat thin
full empty
hot cold
happy sad/unhappy
hardworking lazy
modern traditional
new old
nice nasty
intelligent stupid
interesting boring
light heavy
polite rude/impolite
poor rich
quiet noisy
right wrong
safe dangerous
short long
small big
soft hard
single married
true false
well ill/unwell
white black

Adjectives – Synonyms

What is a synonym?

Synonyms are words or phrases which have the same or nearly the same meaning as other words or phrases in the same language:
The words ‘small’ and ‘little’ are synonyms.

Here is a list of synonyms you can use to describe things, feelings or people:

Adjectives Synonyms
big large
blank empty
broad wide
center middle
cunning clever
dangerous risky
eatable edible
false untrue
fertile fruitful
gay cheerful
glad happy
hard difficult
high tall
huge enormous
intelligent clever
lazy indolent
little small
loving fond
loyal faithful
mad crazy
new modern
nice kind
noisy rowdy
old ancient
oral verbal
polite courteous
poor destitute
quick rapid/fast
rare scarce
ready alert
real genuine
rich wealthy
rude impolite
sad unhappy
safe secure
sleepy drowsy
slim slender
thin lean
usual normal
vacant empty
weak feeble
well-known famous


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