Lesson Plan Sample


In this post I will present a sample of a lesson plan that I personally use. But before you proceed reading, you might be interested to know why teachers need lesson plans.

Although a lesson plan doesn’t necessarily equate a successful lesson,  it will undoubtedly ensure a coherent view of lessonplan1the teaching procedure in the teacher’s mind.  A well-organized lesson plan serves as a guideline for managing the learning process and outlines beforehand the decisions he must make about the methods, techniques strategies and procedures he opted for.

A lesson plan should include the following points:

  • Date
  • Lesson/unit number and title
  • The course (reading, listening, dictation, …)
  • Instructional aids, materials and tool needed
  • The goals or standards
  • the lesson outline
  • The timing.
  • Assignments (class or home assignment)

Here is a lesson plan sample:

Date Lesson N° Unit
Instructor Topic
Objectives / Standards …
Instructional tools, materials, aids
Lesson Outline Time

Lesson plans are not the bible. Unpredictable events happen in the classroom. Teachers should be ready at any moment to change,add or improvise lesson delivery.


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