Writing a Paragraph about Generation Gap

Writing a Paragraph about Generation Gap

This is a lesson plan to help students write a paragraph about the generation gap. The activity includes a pre-writing stage where students will be introduced to the vocabulary related to the conflicts between adults and adolescents. Then, the teacher monitors a discussion about the issue of the generation gap. The final product is writing a paragraph about the topic. The writing may be guided or unguided depending on the level of the students.

The lesson plan

Pre-writing activity

  • Provide a picture of a teenager and an adult.
  • Ask about the differences between adults and youths. Do adults and youths have the same tastes? The same attitudes?…
  • Provide a list of adjectives like the following:
    • rebellious
    • mean
    • untidy
    • obstinate
    • authoritative
    • thoughtless
    • irresponsible
    • disobedient
    • old-fashioned
  • Ask students to complete the following table with the adjectives that go with each group.
    What youths think about adults… What adults think about youths …



  • At this stage, introduce the topic ( generation gap.)
  • Ask students to provide a definition of the generation gap. They may use a dictionary.
  • Have students discuss the topic.


If the students’ level is high enough, you may ask them to write an essay about the generation gap. However,  if they need guidance, they may use the following model to write a paragraph about the topic:



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