Travel Vocabulary Lesson Plan

Travel Vocabulary Lesson Plan

Travel vocabulary

Level: beginners
Objectives: travel vocabulary, learners cooperation, writing a paragraph using travel vocabulary
Materials: worksheets containing the task below.
Time:  about 10 minutes.

The activity

  • Divide the students into small groups.
  • Hand out the worksheet containing the matching task below.
  • Students work together to do the task.
  • When they finish, representatives of each group write the answers on the board.
  • Answers are compared and discussed to find the right answers
  • The new vocabulary is written down on students’ notebook.
  • Assign a homework: ask students to find pictures related to the activity.

Follow up

Students write a paragraph about what they do when they travel.

When I travel, I pack up my … and …. a taxi to the airport. I buy a newspaper from …. Then, I…

The worksheet

Travel Places

Match the following travel words with the places.

A. Buy tickets 1. Information desk
B. Get the train schedule 2. At the pay phone
C. Make a phone call 3. Airport
D. Check my luggage 4. Newsstand
E. Eat something 5. Baggage check
F. Wait for the train 6. Train station
G. Buy a newspaper 7. Snack bar
H. Catch the train 8. Waiting area
I.  catch the plane 9. Ticket office

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