IELTS test in the Amritsar – March 2019

Listening test

Section 1. A phone conversation about hosting a charity event at home.

Section 2. A tour guide gave a talk on National Parks in Australia.

Section 3. A conversation between a student and a tutor about some topic.

Section 4. A lecture about autopilot technology.

Reading test

Don’t remember.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

Write a letter to a newspaper editor about the poor condition of a historical building in your area and say

– What building are you writing about?
– Describe the current condition of the building.
– What should be done in this situation?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

These days it is very common to have people from two different generations mix in the same workplace. Are there more advantages or disadvantages to this situation? Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

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