IELTS Speaking Test In The Moga – March 2019

  1. Do all people enjoy shopping for clothes?

I can’t say for sure since it largely depends on personal demand and interest. Women seem to be more obsessed with fashion and shopping than the rest of the population but, of course, there are exceptions. Those who love spending time and money on beautiful pieces of clothing pay great attention for their appearance and take pleasure in the act itself, while others consider it a waste of resources. However, people have different reasons to buy clothes which are not necessarily related to whether they enjoy it or not. For example, most men tend to avoid clothes shopping unless they need a new suit for some formal event or simply because they’re run out of clothes

  • take pleasure in (idiom): derive happiness or enjoyment from
  1. Why women like to do shopping?

Women are usually considered creatures of beauty, which may explain why they love shopping and enjoy lavish costumes to a considerable degree. First and foremost, outfits are visual indicators of personal image and personalities, hence, they want to dress accordingly. Secondly, shopping is not only for the sake of fashion but also an effective means of relaxation. In modern society where lots of people are under constant stress every day, indulging oneself in some serious shopping may help to take the weight off their mind, despite temporarily. Last but not least, women don’t usually shop for themselves alone but most of their spending is on family and friends. They relish the idea of giving gifts or buying nice clothes for their beloved ones, therefore, shopping sits high on their to-do lists.

  • to a considerable degree (idiom): to some extent
  • indicator (n): a sign that shows you what something is like or how a situation is changing
  • for the sake of (idiom): in order to get or keep something
  • under stress: dealing with something that causes worry or anxiety
  • indulge in (v): to allow yourself to have or do something that you like, especially something that is considered bad for you
  • take the weight off one’s mind (idiom): to allow you to stop worrying about a particular thing
  • relish (v): to get great pleasure from something; to want very much to do or have something
  1. Why some women buy cheaper clothes and expensive ones at the same time?

Admittedly, the more high-priced a piece of clothing is, the more exquisite it looks. However, it doesn’t mean low-cost costumes are less appealing or fashionable. Therefore, many women have both high-end items as well as more budget-friendly ones in their closet for different purposes. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Channel or Louis Vuitton are more familiar with the upper class and frequently make their appearance in upscale places or events. Yet, more affordable apparel brands like ZARA or H&M are not falling behind in terms of fashion trends or stylish designs. Thus, many prefer them and their products are suitable for various occasion from daily wear to special ones.

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