IELTS Essay Topic: Maternity Leave

In the last few months, the topic of maternity leave was given in IELTS writing task 2.

Maternity leave means paid leave given to women who are going to have a baby. They are paid during the months they do not work by the company they work for and can return to their position at the end of their paid leave.

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Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages to maternity leave?

Advantages of Maternity Leave

  • Women no longer need to choose between a career and having a family.
  • Women will be able to enjoy time with their newborn baby without financial concerns.
  • Parents will be better able to afford the necessary medical care for both mother and baby.
  • Companies will be able to keep a good member of staff.

Disadvantages of Maternity Leave

  • Small companies are not able to afford to pay women for maternity leave.
  • Companies will need to find a temporary replacement for the work which might not be easy.
  • When mothers return to work they will not be up-to-date with recent developments in the company.
  • Maternity leave encourages women to continue working rather than staying at home to raise a child.

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